The success of every human endeavour is the result of thinking…

We have found that the game of chess has many benefits and is an ideal spring board towards thinking because

  • it can improve analytical thinking skills
  • it can strengthen attention span
  • it can help focus
  • the competitive element is an enormous bonus to children’s interest
  • it can be played well by children as young as five
  • it is truly international, and breaks down barriers of age, sex and race.
  • it has sufficient depth to reward the deepest study while, at the same time, can become an agreeable pastime for all the family

If you would like to learn how to play chess, please visit our TRAINING page for more info.

Ealing Juniors B team

Thames Valley league Division 3 Ealing Juniors B scored 3 out of 7 matches.

3 wins 4 losses 5 remaining matches:

  • Monday, 23rd March home vs Staines A
  • Wednesday, 1st April home vs Richmond D
  • Thursday, 9th April away vs Harrow A
  • Tuesday, 14th April away vs Richmond C
  • Wednesday, 22nd April home vs Wimbledon D

Ealing Juniors C team

Ealing Juniors C team played 8 matches in Division 4 of Thames Valley League.
2 draws 6 losses 4 remaining games.

  • Wednesday, 25th February home against Maidenhead A
  • Wednesday, 25th March home against Maidenhead A
  • Wednesday, 8th April home against Hounslow B
  • Wednesday, 5th May home against Surbiton C

Ealing Juniors A team

Ealing Juniors “A” in Thames Valley Division 2: 4.5 points after 11 matches,
11 matches played: 3 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses.
3 matches remaining:

  • away against Meadhurst A reschedule
  • Wednesday, 15th April home against Wimbledon C
  • Monday, 18th May away against Hounslow A


Latest results Thames Valley League

Ealing Juniors “A” scored 1,5 out of 3 in Division 2:

  • Match #1: Ealing Juniors “A” vs Ealing B Result: 4 : 1  win (to games to play) 
  • Match #2: Ealing B vs Ealing Juniors “A” Result: 5,5 : 1,5  loss
  • Match #3: Ealing C vs Ealing Juniors “A” Result: 3,5 : 3,5 draw

Ealing Juniors “B” scored 0 out of 2 in Division 3:

  • Match #1: Richmond D vs Ealing Juniors “B” Result  
  • Match #2: Ealing Juniors “B” vs Harrow A Result: 1 : 5  loss

Ealing Juniors “C” scored 1 out of 2 in Division 4:

  • Match #1: Maidenhead A vs Ealing Juniors “C” Result: 3 : 3 draw  
  • Match #2: Ealing Juniors “C” vs Ealing D Result: 3 : 3 draw

Middlesex C Mega final

Dear Parents, Guardians and Chess Players,

The Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge has 41 Mega finals. Middlesex is one of those biggest counties in the country and therefore it is divided into 3 Mega Finals.

Middlesex Central Megafinal will be held on Sunday, 1st June, at Richmond Park Academy, Park Avenue, London, SW14 8EF. If you want to print out entry form for this event, click Central Entry and if you already sent your entry to us please check your name on the entrants list HERE.  Also for direction click here.

  • Middlesex South Megafinal was held on Sunday,  25th May, at Richmond Park Academy, Park Avenue, London,  SW14 8EF.
  • Full results: SOUTH RESULTS.
  • Middlesex North Megafinal was held on Saturday, 17th May, at Isleworth & Syon School, Ridgeway Road, Isleeworth, Middlesex, TW7 5LJ.
  • Full results: north NORTH RESULTS.


Dear Players and Parents,

Please find latest entrants list for 3 Middlesex Megafinals 2014:

Middlesex North 2014 latest entrants LIST. Will take place on Saturday, 17th May, at Isleworth and Syon School.

Middlesex South 2014 latest entrants LIST. Will take place on Sunday, 25th May, at Richmond Park Academy,

Middlesex Central 2014 latest entrants LIST. Will take place on Sunday, 1st June, at Richmond Park Academy.


2013-2014 season on the way…

Ealing Junior Chess Club entered 3 teams in three Divisions of the Thames Valley league.

All 3 teams started the season with losses against experienced Ealing Senior teams: in Div 4 our “C” team lost 0.5 vs 5.5 against Ealing Senior D. Newly promoted into Div 2 our “A” team went down to Ealing Senior “B” with score 2 vs 5, and in Div 3 our “B” team lost 1st home game to Ealing Senior C 1 vs 5.

When Ealing Senior B visited our “A” team shown good fighting spirit and 3.5 vs 2.5 with one unfinished game, where our player has very good winning chance with guaranteed draw result! That will secure 1st win in Div 2.

Our “B” team after losing home game against solid Ealing Senior C, whom our “A” team lost in both matches in last season before promoting into Div 2, needed to preform well. When we visited our seniors we had 10+ grading point advantage on top 3 boards and on board 2 Haotian won after 11 moves, board 3 George’s opponent resigned after 18 moves! Board 4 Anna’s solid draw, board 6 Elizabeth’s win followed nice debut win for Alfie on 5. Last game captain Timothy won in style on board 1. Final score was 0.5 vs 5.5 !

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